Welcome to the website of Sheila Jones, artist and illustrator.

Sheila Jones is an artist living in British Columbia, Canada. She always wanted to be an artist ‘when she grew up,’ but when she went off to art school she discovered, with a bit of a shock, that it wasn’t what she expected. Instead of formal classes on painting and drawing and mixing colour, the days were mostly spent watching the teachers leave to work on their own projects, so her first semester was also her last.

She then spent many years travelling, studying, and moving around the country, first by herself, then with a husband, and eventually with three kids and various cats (note to self: cats don’t like travelling). After a couple of university degrees, a natural health degree, and twelve years homeschooling those three kids, she decided that it was time to do what she’d wanted to do all along: be an artist. The homeschool room turned into a studio, the desk turned into easel, and all those art supplies the family had acquired over the years were put to serious use.

Sheila likes using rich, bold colours, and swirling, bright patterns. She is inspired by writers like Angela Carter and artists like Julie Paschkis. Her work is primarily gouache on paper, or pen and watercolour, but there have been some larger commissions, like driftwood signs, which have involved acrylics and some serious urethane. Gardens, cats, oddball people, and history: these are the themes that inform much of her work.

To see recent paintings, click on an image in the galleries at the bottom of this page (keep scrolling down), or check out the Recent Work section. If interested in purchasing prints or art cards, please click on the SHOP link.

Thanks for visiting. Don’t forget, for a more updated view of Sheila’s work, please check out her Instagram account or her Facebook page (both links on this page, look up and right, where the Other Social Media section is).



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